1.Medical Coding

Our experienced Medical Coders are professional, skilled, and well versed in international coding practices. They constantly develop and refine internal compliance of contract ICD, CPT coding resources that meet the needs of the client.

We use the most up to date books and software and edit to keep in touch with the constant changes.
• We follow HIPAA compliance in order to assure protected health information (PHI)
• Our dedicated professional coders work as per CMS and AMA guidelines.
• The coder determines the code to be used following each patient encounter.
Our certified Coders are extremely careful while coding the patient records. Utmost attention is given to quality to get reimbursement from the Insurance Company for the services rendered by the physician.

The benefits we offer are :
• We process clean claims and fewer denials and maximize revenue.
• We guarantee for highest accuracy rate and compliance.
• Transparency in the coding methodology gives you access, produces consistency, and eliminates the risk of errors.
• Regular feedback on coding changes, front-office documentation practices, and periodic reports, such as utilization reviews, case-mix review, and coding-related denial analysis

• CPT and HCPCS coding - We code for multi-speciality medical records based on the guidelines of AMA and CMS.
• ICD coding - We do ICD coding related to the CPT and HCPCS codes based on AMA and CMS guidelines
MULTIPLE SPECIALTY CODERS Our medical coding company has highly skilled coders with proven ability in giving high-quality results within set deadlines, for multiple specialties like. • Cardiology
• Radiology
• Paediatrics
• Infectious Diseases
• Internal Medicine
• Pathology
• Anaesthesia
• Oncology
• Gastroenterology
• ASC Coding


JKT processing centre deploys a multi-site processing strategy for clients with significant scale and size needs, to mitigate risk. Highlights of our comprehensive infrastructure include:
• Independent Internet Leased Circuits from multiple ISPs are installed for data access and redundancy
• Built-in IT redundancies for uninterrupted operation
• 200% power back up
• Dedicated, fully equipped training infrastructure
• 24/7 security supported by a state-of-art access control system


Certified QAs regularly monitor the coding and compliance experts periodically audit the coding department.
Quality reports are generated:
• Daily
• Weekly/Fortnightly
• Monthly
• JKT main advantage over other peers in this industry is that there is increased accuracy in code selections causing a smoother billing process with quicker and better reimbursement.
• Our experience and technological innovations ensure optimal revenue to physicians and patients.
• Transparency in our coding methodology gives you access produces consistency and eliminates the risk of errors.
Clients receive regular update on coding changes, front-office documentation practices, and periodic reports.
To enable us to improve our services, a problem log mentioning unclear files, charts or medical information is raised and is sent along with the files to the client for clarification and instructions
We audit the entire process of coding. We also ensure that the CPT, HCPCS and ICD codes are based on the AMA and CMS guidelines. Let JKT take care of your Medical Coding Needs.

2. Medical Transcription

(Toll Free Telephone Dictation)

Simply dial our 1-800 number and leave your dictation over the telephone.
Dictation Option
Using a hand held digital recorder, record your dictations at any time, anywhere. Once recorded, whenever it is convenient to you, simply plug your hand-held recorder into your PC using the cable provided and upload or email the audio files to us.
Each doctor is allocated his own transcribers and editor who work on his account every day. This ensures quality through familiarization on a regular basis. Our system automatically logs the dictation and allocates the corresponding individual Doctor template
Quality Control.
Every transcript completed by our transcriber go through our Quality Control Stage. Here, each transcription is checked again word by word against the original dictation by an Editor.
Transcript Delivery.
All files are checked for correctness, signed off and delivered to the Doctor.

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